Pilates consists of a series of exercises which aims to strengthen the body, in particular the spine. Pilates has many benefits, some of which include:

Improved posture
Pain relief – due to improved movement patterns and increased muscle strength and endurance
Long term role in the prevention of recurrent spinal problems
Improved breathing patterns, which ensure a reduction in muscle tension and therefore pain
Improved body awareness
Improved athletic performance – corrects muscle imbalances of specific sports and the associated overuse injuries


In the clinic, we offer group Mat classes and Reformer classes. Each individual has a “Pre-pilates screen” which is carried out by one of the chartered physiotherapists, before you start a group class. This screening will ensure that you get the most out of your Pilates, as it will identify your areas of weakness and any abnormal movement patterns which could lead to pain and muscle weakness.

The pilates instructor / physiotherapist will then correct you throughout the class in a more constructive and specific way. The class sizes are small and consist of 6-10 people. It takes approximately 16 weeks to strengthen your postural / spinal system.

All of our classes have a clinical emphasis – strong technique and correct movement patterns are essential. We include exercises that are beneficial for balance and co-ordination, which would not be traditional pilates. These have a very important role in bone health, improvement of athletic performance and prevention of falls.

Check out our timetable for a list of classes.