Physiotherapy is a university level Science degree for the diagnosis, treatment and management of all musculoskeletal conditions. Our physiotherapists will be able to diagnose the straightforward strain or sprain, or the more complex neurological / rheumatological / pathological conditions which may need to be referred to an appropiate consultant.

All of our physiotherapists are Chartered and have completed extensive advanced post-graduate training. We use evidence based medicine, using international standards, to assess, diagnose and treat musculo-skeletal conditions. When we diagnose, we design a treatment plan which is appropiate not only for your condition, but will also suit your personality.

For example, if an individual with a complex and chronic low back problem, has poor motivation to exercise, we will design a programme that will not only involve hands on treatment, but will also include a personalised approach to exercise which could be in the gym doing circuits / TRX / ball – roller programmes, or in the studio doing pilates / yoga or a combination of both. It may be that the individual has medium to high stress, which is exacerbating their chronic condition, and in that case, their programme will have a relaxation – meditation bias.

All our clients are encouraged to improve their cardio-vascular fitness, which is one of the most potent anti-inflammatories that is non-medical. Our Mission statement is to provide outstanding musculo-skeletal care which caters for the individual in a holistic manner.


Conditions we treat include:

Chronic pain disease
Neck / back pain with / without nerve root referral
Sports injuries – paediatric and adult amateur, recreational, international levels
Dance Injuries
Headaches, TMJ disorders and facial pain
Osteoarthritis and other rheumatological conditions
Paediatric conditions – flat feet, growth spurt pains, clumsy kids – poor balance / co-ordination, poor posture
Occupational over-use conditions – musicians / IT
Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain


Services include:

Acute and chronic injury management of sports injuries and spinal pain
Biomechanical and postural analysis
Chronic pain disease management
Postural Programmes for children and adults
Balance and co-ordination programmes for children and adults
Falls prevention programmes for the elderly
Injury Prevention programmes
Osteoporosis programmes
Pre and Post operative programmes
Fully equipped pilates Studio
Fully equipped Circuit gym for HIT – high intensity training
Joint mobilistaion / manipulation
Dry needling
Sports taping – propioceptive / functional control / control of swelling
Soft tissue / sports massage
Relaxation Programmes
Real Time Ultra-Sound